Voted The Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Miami.

We offer The Very Best Upholstery Cleaning Solutions as well as different methods of cleaning your sofa. We do Offer Upholstery Steam Cleaning but not recommended do to High Humidity levels in Miami.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Miami

Reviews Don’t Lie, Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile continues to provide consistent quality service and exceptional Value. Our Upholstery Cleaners in Miami strive for nothing but excellence. Remember, reviews don’t lie. When choosing upholstery cleaning near me. Choose Keep It Clean.


There are times when you look at your furniture and think it looks a little tired, beat up, smelly, or even in terrible shape. Sometimes you think that you need something new. And yet, very often, you just have to clean it.  The difference between a clean sofa and a dirty sofa is like new life. Most sofa should be deep clean once or twice a year. Especially furniture cleaning in Miami.

Dirt on upholstery creeps up.  Because we don’t clean our furniture all the time and we should. Dust, stains and the dog hair all slowly ‘adding up.’  You can look at your furniture daily without realising that it needs a clean.  Yet when you do clean it, the results can be astonishing because suddenly your upholstery looks new!  Or as good as new.

We do recommend a Couch Cleaning Service in Miami like Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile. Our Professional upholstery cleaners will use the right cleaning materials for the fabrics of your furniture and will also be able to reach all those corners that you have forgotten about.

Steam cleaning your upholstery is the most effective way to clean. Steam cleaning means you get excellent results without damaging anything. Steam cleaning can get rid of all those old stains, pesky marks, and removes all the dust and grime.

Newly cleaned upholstery furniture looks fantastic and feels great. Try and think back to the last time you had your furniture cleaned?  It is an interesting exercise because most people do not clean their upholstery often enough.  It may feel like you did it six months ago but in reality probably six years ago!

Absolutely The Best Upholstery Deep Cleaning Company in 305

Absolutely The Best Upholstery Cleaning Company in 305!

Why Lie! We offer the very best Upholstery Cleaning Service in Miami.

The colorful and comfortable upholstery brings friends and family together. Some of your fondest memories at home must have one of the upholstery furnishing in it.

But although they enlighten our homes and lives, without proper cleaning, they don’t last long. That’s why the best upholstery deep cleaning company is here to help.

At, Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile, we consider ourselves the best upholstery deep cleaning company. Providing quality upholstery cleaning services in Miami, FL and surrounding areas.

Our certified upholstery cleaners remove stains, bacteria, and odor. Thus restoring the beauty and charm of your favourite sofas, couches, chairs, etc.

FYI.. Cleaning Leather Upholstery is extremely easy. Steam and a microfiber will do the trick. Thank us later.

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Why Choose Our Upholstery Cleaning Service?

  • Certified and Knowledgeable Employees
  • Customers are our No #1 Priority
  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction
  • High-Quality Service
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Prompt Service Delivery Time
  • Emergency Services Available
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  • Transparent Communication
  • Affordable Prices
  • Customize Services Available
  • Best Upholstery Cleaning Tools

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Bad Health Effects of Dirty Upholstery!

Fleas, mold, and especially bacteria can carve themselves in a cozy home of their own under your feet. Without regular cleanings, bacteria and dirt can build up to high enough levels to cause actual health risks to your family. This is why you need to trust Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile.

Not only that, but bacteria that’s gotten deep into your upholstery often causes unpleasant odors. Friendly reminder, if you find yourself constantly itching, sneezing and coughing, it’s probably time to call Keep Clean Carpets and Tile.

Need Professional Furniture Upholstery Cleaners To Keep Your Upholstery In Pristine Condition?

Experts at Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile provide top-notch quality upholstery cleaning services for the residents of Miami. We offer guaranteed client satisfactory services at affordable prices using the best tools and cleaning solutions.

Our professional cleaners provide carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone cleaning and restoration, move in and move out cleaning, mattress cleaning, fine area rug wash, and pet urine treatment services.

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