Why Opt For Dry Extraction Area Rug Cleaning For Christmas?

Dry Extraction Area Rug Cleaning Miami
December 7, 2020

Your precious area rugs need cleaning from time to time and what better time to clean them than before Christmas? But with so many area rug cleaning methods, which one to choose, is a hard decision to make.

The cleaning method will depend on many factors. For example, the degree of damage, the money you want to spend, and the time allotted for the cleaning purpose. Further, also get expert advice from a professional area rug cleaner.

In this article, we will talk about the causes to choose dry extraction area rug cleaning.

Foremost Causes To Choose Dry Extraction Area Rug Cleaning

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Miami

1. No Need To Wet The Area Rug

One of the main advantages of dry extraction area rug cleaning is that there’s no need to wet the rug. The professional area rug cleaners spread the dry cleaning compound evenly throughout the area rug.

With a high-powered vacuum cleaner, the cleaners extract the cleaning compound using water. Thus, the customers receive a beautifully clean area rug at the end of the cleaning process.

2. Reduced Dry Time

When compared to steam carpet cleaning, in dry area rug cleaning, the drying time is really less. Since the area rug gets wet only minimally, it doesn’t take much time to dry.

On average, the area rugs take about half an hour to 2 hours maximum to dry off completely. Hence, customers can use them quickly. This is extremely suitable for places with high foot-traffic like commercial spaces.

3. Saves Water

Many people opt for greener and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Since conserving nature is important to you, then you should choose dry extraction area rug cleaning services.

A good area rug cleaning company utilizes only 3 gallons of water to clean them using the dry cleaning method. Therefore, you get a clean area rug in no time with the minimum use of water.

Want to Get This Quick Area Rug Cleaning Done Professionally!

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