Fine Area Rug Washing

Most people are in the dark about fine area rug washing. Rugs are like fine art, you can get a cool looking cheap print or a reproduction for your walls at a store, or you can get an original masterpiece from a gallery. There are a million things in between and there is a lot of confusion in the market as to what is good art, right? Well, the same goes for rugs.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Miami

Fine Area Rug Washing

Fine Area Rug Washing

Fine Area Rug

Fine Area Rug Washing

What is considered a “good” rug? How much should you spend on a rug? How do you care for different types of rugs? Is fine area rug washing considered for all fibers? Most of us agree that things from big box retailers or department stores are pretty to look at but they don’t last, so the idea is to use them for a while and replace them. The artwork will fill a space on your wall, but is not high quality, same with the rugs.

Our Professionals Make the Difference! With Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We provide Free Re-Do of service until you are satisfied. Our techs have gone through rigorous training program that IICRC requires. Our reviews and credentials are proof that we’re skilled in all aspects of Persian rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning in Miami, and all fine area rugs in Miami (like Viscose and Wool). Need and Oriental Rug Cleaning Service in Miami or Antique Rug Cleaning. Call Us.

We perform an in-depth inspection on all area rugs to assess the material and determine the correct way to proceed cleaning. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is considered the very best area rug cleaner in Miami, FL and surrounding area. We are certified with the IICRC and continue to learn each and every year. We emphasize on this because we constantly get call from upset customers who decided to go the opposite direction and go with the cheaper choice.

We will advise you in advance as far as what stains will be removed and which stains will not. Our eco-friendly organic solvents for cleaning and treating stains are highly effective. Not to mention our enzymes that continue to work consistently and effectively. Our solvents are biodegradable so they are non-toxic and friendly to your environment. Your rug will be returned on time, soft, clean, bright, and beautiful. Your area rugs will always be in good hands with Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile. South Florida #1 Choice.

Our Highly skilled cleaning technician in Miami, Florida will pick up your fine area rug. We will transport the rug and complete the entire cleaning experience at one of our state of the art rug washing site. With a simple pick-up and delivery service, you can have a clean rug without any disturbance. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile. Once your fine area rugs have been washed, sanitized, and sterilized. We will inspect one last time, before we deliver them to your home. We also offer home services if you prefer, but it all depends on the severity of your fine area rug. The choice for your clean area rug is completely yours.

We take great pride in Fine Area Rug Washing and our elite customers feel the same way. We have gained a 5 Star Rating in Persian rug cleaning in Miami consistently. We have never had an issue and our customers are thrilled each and every time we deep clean there fine area rugs. So remember, call us. The very best Persian Rug Cleaning Service in Miami. We are Miami Persian Rug Cleaning Specialist. We will remind you and put it on calendar for the next pick up and wash of your expensive and fine area rug.


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