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Marble or Natural stone are soft and porous materials. They need proper care and maintenance in using or cleaning. Due to porous nature, natural stone flooring can easily attract dirt and harmful bacterias in it.

If proper cleaning is not done, then the bacterias and allergens can destroy your natural stone tiles. Also, regular mopping is not enough to remove them.

For that, you need quality natural stone cleaning and restoration services by skilled professionals at Keep It Clean Carpets And Tile in Miami, FL location.

Our Premium Natural Stone Restoration Types

1. Marble Restoration

Marble is a limestone that is more soft than a granite. So, it easily forms stains and spills on its surface. Professionals at Keep It Clean Carpets And Tile uses pH-neutral dish soap solution to clean your marble floors. Then, we repair and polish the marble surface to remove all its scratch marks, finally restore its beauty back.

2. Travertine Restoration

Travertine stone is also one form of limestone that deposits from hot springs. It is placed in the bathroom and kitchen tiles. At first, our experts clean the stone thoroughly, fill the holes inside it, polish the stones, even repair its minute cracks. They try their level best to restore the shine of your travertine flooring.

3. Terrazzo Restoration

If you want durable flooring in your residential or commercial space, then Terrazzo stone is the best choice. Marble chips are combined together with a binding material to make a Terrazzo stone. Our trained technicians inspect the damage on the tiles, then clean, honed, polished, and reseal it to restore the sparkle finish back.

4. Spanish Tile Restoration

Spanish tiles are a stable and elegant flooring choice. They are available in neutral colors and so fit with any type of home decor. You can place these tiles both in-home or office areas. It is easy to clean these tiles, while we use the best cleaning products and tools to regain its glorious look again.

Get The Shine Of Your Natural Stone Floors Back!

Instead of spending your precious time to scrub the stains of your natural stone, hire the trained natural stone cleaners. We at Keep It Clean Carpets And Tile provide the supreme cleaning to your natural store and ensure you to restore its beauty back.

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