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Terrazzo Restoration Near Me

There are numerous myths surrounding terrazzo. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile aims to dispel some terrazzo restoration myths. Let’s start by when a terrazzo restoration sales representative arrives at your door, their job is to sell you on their company, technique, and themselves. Unfortunately, in order to win the job, many companies oversell themselves and their system. Someone who promises you a perfect floor is not being truthful.

Antique terrazzo flooring is rarely perfect. Remember, you can use a bonding agent and paint the surface of an old car when restoring it. Terrazzo flaws cannot be painted away. If you fill a hole, it may or may not blend perfectly. I’ve spent many years restoring terrazzo. My techniques and results have improved over time. Most of the time, many or all of the holes are difficult to locate. Our goal is for the holes to blend in with the floor and not stand out. Please like and follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Terrazzo flooring is out of date. Nowadays, everyone covers it. Say’s a Julie from Miami!


Terrazzo flooring is without a doubt one of the most durable, long-lasting, and beautiful types of flooring available. Most of the the Terrazzo’s in South Florida main product is marble. When diamond polished, these floors resemble marble floors. No grout lines to worry about, a high shine, and a stunning appearance. The focal point of any home is a properly restored terrazzo floor by Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile. We have restored terrazzo that is over a century old. Yep, that’s correct, OVER 100 YEARS OLD.

When terrazzo is properly restored, the top layer is ground off and then honed and polished to a brilliant shine. Try it on any other floor. Once polished, it can look great for years to come.
A properly restored terrazzo floor in a home typically lasts eight to ten years. If you remove your shoes and keep the floor clean and sand-free, it can look great after twenty years. When the terrazzo becomes dull, all it needs is a good polishing. You are now back to the shine you had before the original restoration.


A floor can be made to look good in three steps or without metal bond diamond grinding. Say’s a so called terrazzo expert!


Three steps of polishing on an old Portland cement terrazzo floor will not produce the same reflection and clarity as terrazzo restored through proper mechanical diamond polishing. Metal bond grinding is part of proper mechanical diamond polishing. Many flaws in a floor become apparent only when the terrazzo floor shines. To repair these imperfections at this point in the restoration, you would have to go back several steps in the terrazzo polishing process. Please be aware and don’t just randomly choose any Terrazzo Company who will just use a terrazzo polishing powder.

The early steps of grinding and honing are skipped in three-step processes.┬áThe terrazzo floor is flattened using metal bond diamonds and planetary grinding systems. We use a planetary grinding system that consists of two 400-pound machines with three heads each, and while they spin one way, their entire head counter-rotates. We’ve experimented with numerous three-step systems over the years. They all failed to achieve adequate clarity and reflection, not to mention low areas on the floor that a three-step system overlooks.

Some companies produce a non-shiny floor and attempt to recrystallize it, while others use polishing powders as a final step. Recrystallization is commonly used to bypass several steps and eliminate the need for tradespeople. Quality cannot be compromised. Remember that terrazzo polishing costs that do not account for value are a rip-off. A properly installed terrazzo floor will have a high shine, no topical finish or sealer, and will last for years before needing to be polished. That’s something that a Terrazzo Restoration Kit will not do without a true professional.

The terms re-crystallization, crystallization, and vitrification all mean the same thing. This type of restoration, in my opinion and that of most experts I know, does not last as long and damages terrazzo and marble flooring. Many of the re-crystallized floors I’ve seen have swirls and scratches. If you use this method, you can get a shine even if the floor is poorly constructed. I’m not saying that all of these companies do a poor job, but the end result is a terrazzo floor that needs to be rebuffed every one or two years. Which will increase the terrazzo restoration cost.

Because the floor is completely sealed, it cannot breathe. This will almost certainly damage the terrazzo floor. When we pull ceramic tile, we frequently discover moisture underneath. Under the thin-set, this is not the case. This moisture can take months to evaporate. Terrazzos moisture release is slowed by ceramic tile. Terrazzo and concrete naturally expel moisture. Consider what happens when the top is sealed and no moisture can pass through. I’ve seen recrystallize floors that were several shades darker than the original floor. As moisture rises in a recrystallize floor, it comes to a halt just before the surface and travels sideways to escape.

This is similar to what we see with ceramic tile, but when we see ghosting caused by moisture under ceramic tile, it typically covers 60-70% of the area under the tile. Moisture must travel all the way across the floor and out when recrystallizing. It causes damage to the floor as it moves. Many people who understand the science behind these techniques believe this.

So hopefully this small information can lead you in the right direction and Choose Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile. Reviews Don’t Lie, We Are Miami and Surrounding areas #1 Choice!


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