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With regard to restoration, there are many myths. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile aims to debunk some common misconceptions about terrazzo floor. When a salesperson or technician for terrazzo knocks on your door, it is their responsibility to sell you both on their business and method as well as on themselves. Unfortunately, in order to land a job, many businesses exaggerate their abilities and their approach. You can tell when someone is lying if they guarantee you a flawless floor. Rarely is old terrazzo flooring flawless. If you’re restoring an ancient car, you can paint the surface after using a bonding agent. A terrazzo flaw cannot be painted over.

Filling a hole might blend flawlessly, but it might not. We have restored terrazzo over a long period of time and even though our clients rave, we cringe because we want perfection. Our methods and outcomes have improved steadily. Many or all of the holes are frequently difficult to locate. To prevent the holes from standing out, we want to have them blend in with the floor. Please feel free to follow and like us on Facebook at the top right of the page.

Can terrazzo be restored?

Myth: floor can still look beautiful without metal bond diamond grinding or with just three steps.

Dispelled: A terrazzo floor repaired through good mechanical diamond polishing will not produce the same reflection and clarity as a terrazzo floor made of ancient Portland cement. Metal bond grinding is a necessary step in proper mechanical diamond polishing. Only once the terrazzo floor shines do several flaws in the surface become obvious. To correct these flaws at this stage of the restoration, you would need to go back a number of steps in the restoration procedure. It is necessary to omit the initial grinding and honing phases in three-step operations. We also offer terrazzo restoration kit, for the DIY.

The terrazzo floor is leveled using planetary grinding devices and metal bond diamonds. We employ two 400-pound machines with three heads each for planetary grinding systems, and while they rotate in one direction, each head counterrotates. Over the years, we’ve attempted a lot of three-step processes. All of them failed to produce the necessary clarity and reflection, let alone the low regions on the floor that a three-step approach would have overlooked.

Some businesses attempt to re-crystallize non-shiny floors or employ terrazzo polishing powder as a last step. Re-crystallization is frequently employed to eliminate the requirement for tradespeople by skipping over numerous stages. Shortcuts are not available for quality. Keep in mind that safedry terrazzo restoration costs that do not account for value are inflated. A well installed terrazzo floor will have a high gloss, require no topical sealant or finish, and last for a very long time before any polishing is required.

There is no difference between crystallization, re-crystallization, and vitrification. This method of restoration, in my opinion and that of the majority of experts I know, is damaging to terrazzo and marble flooring and does not last as long. Swirls and scratches can be found in several re-crystallized flooring that I have seen. Even when the floor has poor craftsmanship, if you employ this procedure, you can acquire a shine.

I don’t want to imply that all of these businesses perform subpar work, but the result is a terrazzo floor that need buffing every year or two. It is unable to breathe because the floor is entirely shut. Most likely, this will harm the terrazzo floor. We frequently discover dampness behind ceramic tile when we remove it. Under the thin-set, this is not the case. It may take several months for this moisture to evaporate. Terrazzo’s moisture release is slowed down by ceramic tile. Concrete and terrazzo naturally ventilate moisture.

What would happen if the top was sealed so that no moisture could pass through? I have observed the recrystallization of flooring that were several shades darker than the original floor. In a recrystallize floor, moisture rises but pauses just below the surface and moves sideways to escape. This is similar to what we see with ceramic tile, except often, when moisture under ceramic tile causes ghosting, it covers 60–70% of the space underneath the tile. The moisture must move all the way across the floor and out as you recrystallize. The floor is damaged as it moves. Many people who are familiar with the research behind these methods have that opinion.

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Can you repair terrazzo floors?

Yes. Terrazzo floors that have been damaged or have a dull appearance can be restored to look brand new. But keep in mind that if you have to many cracks and holes, it will never look perfect. Terrazzo floors could be refinished by grinding, polishing, resealing, and resealing. Terrazzo floor chips and cracks can be repaired with a matching floor color and aggregates.

How do you restore old terrazzo?

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How do you make terrazzo floors look new?

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