Top Rated Carpet Cleaners

Top Rated Carpet Cleaners in Miami

If you ask all our customers why they consider us the best carpet cleaning company in Miami you will probably get a whole lot of different answers. But the one that stands out the most is TRUST. For Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile, these means everything. That means we are up front honest and fair pricing with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not to many carpet cleaners in Miami can say that.

Top Rated Carpet Cleaners

Why Choose Us as Your Carpet Cleaner in Miami

  • Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Miami – Your health is important to us and that is why we use family and pet safe cleaning natural chemistry solutions for all of our carpet cleaning services.
  • Knowledge and Training – All of our staff members go through continuous education to ensure that we are staying on top of the very best green safe chemistry methods and to achieve the results our clients continue to rave about.
  • We Absolutely Love What We Do – The happiness, excitement, wow, unbelievable and smiles on our clients faces is a very large part of why we do what we do. We love the pressure of having that 5 Star Carpet Cleaner Review. It’s a pressure that keeps us in our tippy toes. But at the end of the day, we absolutely love making a difference in our customers live.
  • Clean Home = Healthier Living

5 Star Rated Best Miami Carpet Cleaning Service

As The #1 in our area, we offer a variety of deep cleaning and odor removal options. Trust Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile to work on your Fine Area Rugs, Upholstery, Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine and all hard and soft surface restoration. We are your rug cleaning Miami top choice.

The Absolute Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Miami

Our Miami Team is determined to work hard each and everyday. Like I mentioned before, we have a 5 Star Rating for many reasons. Excellent Customer Service, On Time, Over Deliver, Best Chemistry Solution, Fair Prices, and a Thorough Carpet Cleaning Experience You Can’t and Won’t Deny! We offer oriental rug cleaning Miami.


Every Fabric, every floor, every piece of furniture we clean; has a story to tell. We Take Great Pride on our everyday operation. Not all cleaning is the same. We don’t know what cleaning company you used in the past. What products did he use? Did he over clean and left soap residue behind? Did he use the wrong soapy degreaser? Is he CERTIFIED or TRAINED? Is he subcontracted to do your job? So many questions need to be assessed and asked before we even step foot in your home. So when you see a price sheet! RUN!


We are just like our customers. We don’t want or take any client. We want the best client. A client that values what we bring to the table. WE DON’T WANT GROUPON CLIENTS! Search for carpet cleaning near me.

Free Estimates

Your Satisfaction is our #1 Goal and Top Priority! This is why we value our Free Estimates. We don’t like the typical bait and switch. They Give you a pretty number to get the job and then change the price after they finish. This is why we ask the questions we need to ask, to make sure the price never changes. WE STAND FIRM ON OUR PRICING FROM THE VERY BEGINING. We also offer carpet cleaner rental.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is our GOAL to offer you the best possible experience. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile in considered the very best deep cleaning company in South Florida. Remember, if you are not happy or satisfied with our service. You are not content with our cleaning. You don’t like how it smells. We will come back and re-clean for $0.00






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