Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Miami

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Miami

Carpets take a tremendous amount of abuse from tracked in dust, mud, and spills. Soils, grit, food, and bacteria can become deeply embedded in the carpet body. We usually can’t see them, but these soils can attack the carpet pile and shorten its life. You can rely on Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile.

RoutineΒ Carpet MaintenanceΒ 

Depending on foot traffic, we offer monthly, trimonthly, bi-annual, and annual carpet cleaning programs. Our procedures are performed to the very best standards to prevent damage to carpet and to keep carpets looking newer, longer.

Whether it is a big project or small project, we will provide you with the free on-site estimate when requested. Our maintenance plans make sure that you are getting the best service for the best price.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Miami

Carpet Cleaning

With traditional cleaning methods, detergents and chemicals are often left behind, which act like magnets for collecting dirt. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is known as South Florida #1 Choice. Our cleaning solution does not use any harsh chemicals, your commercial carpets remain clean and stain-free much longer than any other solution.

We work around your schedule. When your office is closed, we clean! Whether it is 5pm or 11pm, it doesn’t matter. We will start working once the building is vacant and ensure that it is ready to go before the start of business the next day.


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