Best Pet Urine Removal Treatment For Stain And Odor-Free Carpet

Top Pet Urine Removal Treatment

Pets are the dearest of the family. They make your life wonderful with their presence. But sometimes, these pets can make a mess too. Sadly, no matter how much you train them, sometimes they pee on the carpets.

It is important to remove pet stains from carpets immediately, as the pee contains ammonia. Ammonia causes the fabric to turn yellow. Not only that, but the pet urine also smells a lot and can cause a bad odor to linger inside the house.

Since it is tough to remove pet urine from the carpets, here is some pet urine removal treatment that you can try at home.

Top Pet Urine Removal Treatment That Works!

Pet Urine Removal Treatment Miami

1. Clean The Urine Right Away

One of the best ways to clean pet urine is to clean it right away. Addressing the urine when it happens is an effective way of dealing with it. Thus, stopping the urine to reach the sub-flooring. This saves the delicate fibers and padding of the carpet. However, though the stain goes away, the odor still lingers.

2. Use Vinegar

Make a solution by taking 50% white vinegar and 50% water, mix it properly. Apply the solution onto the stain. Vinegar neutralizes the ammonia present in pet urine. After applying, try to gently rub the stain off of the carpet. Do this process gently as rubbing vigorously can spoil the fibers of the carpet.

3. Pet Stain Remover Solutions

Pet urine removal solutions are available in the market. However, these solutions don’t remove the stains completely. Plus, use an eco-friendly solution to remove the stains. You don’t want to use solutions containing harmful chemicals that can hurt you, your pets, and spoil the carpet simultaneously.

So What’s The Best Option Then?

The most effective pet urine removal treatment is to get professionals cleaning done. Professional pet urine cleaners remove pet urine from your carpets completely. Their knowledge of fabric types and the use of the best cleaning methods helps to deliver great results. Moreover, they also remove odor from the carpets.

Hire Professionals for Pet Urine Removal Treatment in Miami!

Keep It Clean Carpet And Tile provides exceptional pet urine removal treatment. They beautify your carpets by eliminating all the stains and odor from them. Call us on (305) 741 9729 to schedule your pet urine removal today. Follow us on Instagram for more information.

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