Odor Control in Miami

Odor Control in Miami

All of our deodorizing products start with Chlorine Dioxide, an amazing little molecule. ClO2 is an oxidizer with the incredible ability to eliminate any odor at its source. Because the molecule is so small, it can pass through most organic matter quickly and completely denature it. In a nutshell, ClO2 infiltrates, dismantles, and destroys larger odor-causing molecules, resulting in a fresh, clean-smelling environment every time.

Odor Control in Miami

Odor Bombs for Extreme Odors

Designed to eliminate odors by turning off the gas. In just 2 to 4 hours, a single treatment can completely eliminate even the most noxious odors in a vehicle or room/space. In the worst-case scenario, leave it to work overnight. The results are unrivaled; treated areas smell fresh and clean without the use of fragrances. Hundreds of detail shops and car dealers across the country use it.

With Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile Bio-Bomb tablet and water combine to produce Cl02 gas, which neutralizes and eliminates odors at the molecular level. Perfumes are not permitted!

Odor Control in Miami

Extended Odor Control

ClO2 is the same miracle-molecule that white blood cells release when our bodies are invaded by potentially harmful intruders, according to science. Our products continuously but gradually release healthy doses of this same substance into air spaces to clean the air, control odors, and deter intruders and potential invaders.

Vehicle Odor Elimination & Control

People are revolting. Cars are not required to. Simple solutions remove all prior odors in a single quick treatment, and more solutions address persistent odors.

House, Apartment & Living Space Deodorization

Apartments, dorm rooms, litter box areas, and adolescent rooms can all stink! Our products effectively remove lingering odors.

Gym & Fitness Odor Control & Elimination

Sweat is beneficial… but it stinks! We not only have odor removal and fresh air restoration methods, but we also have great solutions for ongoing odor control!

Odor Solutions for Office Spaces

You don’t want to lose good employees due to recurring odors in any type of business office.

Bottom Line, Call Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile, South Florida #1 Choice. Top Choice for Odor Control in Miami!

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