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Best Cigarette Smell Removal Services

Do you have smoke damage as a result of a fire or cigarette smoker? Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is the leading odor removal service and we have qualified smoke damage removal technicians in Miami and surrounding area. We will clean smoke and soot damage and restore your property to its original condition, from kitchen fires to furnace puff backs. Ask us about removing water from firefighting operations and to also treat for mold.

What is Cigarette Odor Removal

Smoke damage restoration removes acidic smoke and soot damage from your property, restoring it to its original condition. We have the clean air solution.

Cigarette Smell Removal

Services for Fire and Smoke Odor Removal

Playful misbehavior or human error can quickly escalate into a violent residential fire. As dangerous as fire is, its byproduct, smoke, is even more so. Residential fires and the smoke they produce have the potential to cause property and life damage. Such situations necessitate the use of professional smoke odor removal services.

Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is experienced in dealing with all types of cigarette odor removal in Miami and surrounding area. Our expert technicians and cutting-edge tools and products ensure complete coverage. In the event of a fire, we promise to remove the odor as well as its source. Our highly trained staff promises to deliver precise results each and every time.

Removal of Fire and Smoke Odors

Our fire and smoke odor removal service is as follows:

We clean up the debris and burning materials in the area. Then you’ll need Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile ‘Total Clean Air Solution’ program. We deodorize spaces after turnover cleaning during this time. The solvent bubbles effectively trap smoke odor molecules. Following that, we disinfect the treatment thoroughly. As a result, the surface is germ-free and protected. During this process, all of the affected objects are sanitized.

Finally, we apply Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile “Chitoshield+” anti-microbial coating. Chitoshield is applied quarterly and touched up on a regular basis. This keeps the environment clean and safe for customers.

Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is a reputable fire smoke removal company in Cape Coral. We have a professionally trained and experienced staff. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we work hard to restore the safety of your home.

Cigarette Smell Removal

Precautions to Reduce the Risk of Fire and Smoke Disaster

  • Install and maintain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
  • Keep a close eye on the handling and storage of flammable items and liquids in your home.
  • Check the condition of all electrical cords and outlets at least once a month.
  • Never allow cigarette smoking or the use of electric lamps in bed.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Cigarette Smell From A House?

Not only is the smell of cigarette smoke unpleasant when entering a house, but it can also be harmful to the residents’ health. Please do not take this for granted especially if you have young children.

Whether the residents have recently moved into the former home of a smoker or plan to quit smoking and are ready to repair the damage, Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile Professional cigarette smoke removal house services will remove any smoke smells or residue from the home. The cost of removing the odor of cigarette smoke from a home may rise in some cases if the level of smoke damage is severe enough to necessitate the replacement of flooring.

The scents and physical traces of previous cigarette smoking will always be present in a home until they are intentionally removed.

The cost of professional cigarette smoke removal house varies depending on how much of the house has been affected by the smoke and the removal techniques used. Here are some of the variables that influence the cost of professional smoke removal.

House Dimensions

Deodorizing Furniture and Textiles

Cleaning of Ducts

Cleaning of Hard Surfaces

Painting and sealing

If you don’t know what else you can do to get rid of Cigarette Smell Removal. You can also hire Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile professionals who are qualified to remove smoke and guarantee the best service in the area. Because they are based locally, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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