How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Upholstery?

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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Upholstery?

A house, whether big or small, contains hundreds of things that you need to keep track of for cleaning purposes. In this big checklist, you might sometimes forget or ignore a few essential items that need to be cleaned.

The checklist is mainly divided on the basis of daily, weekly, and monthly, to make cleaning easier for you. Whichever may be the case, it’s mostly seen that homeowners completely forget, including upholstery cleaning in the list.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Upholstery?

There are hundreds of reasons why you should clean your upholstery. But we shared the most relevant reasons why you need to add upholstery cleaning to your home cleaning checklist.

Reasons To Involve Upholstery Cleaning, How often deep clean couch

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Your upholstery accumulates lots of dust, dirt, dander, food, sweat both human/pet every day. These contaminants take away the look of the upholstery and make it look old and used. But by regular upholstery cleaning, you can remove these contaminants and recover their looks.

We can’t stop grime from finding their way onto your favorite couch, sofa, chair, or favorite piece of furniture, it’s like a magnet (It Sticks to It). Stains come with everyday use, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay. This is why it’s important to learn how to clean upholstery the right way.

Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile is highly-trained technicians specialize in renewing upholstery to its cleanest clean and brightest condition. Our upholstery cleaning service is strong enough to clean the deepest stains, gentle enough not to damage furniture and help bring new life back into your living space. We are known as the best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Miami.

Our experienced and friendly technicians will make sure you are completely satisfied with your furniture cleaning in Miami, FL and the surrounding area. You can watch our videos on YouTube and see how to clean your couch or at least have an idea.

The problem with upholstery is that it’s a harbor spot for allergens, pollens, germs, and pests. These nasty and unwanted conditions make your home environment unhealthy. So to keep these awful things at bay, you need to clean your upholstery on a daily basis.

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Upholstery has a long shelf life if you were to maintain it properly. Clean them regularly, use stain protectant, and correct cleaning methods and products. Plus, you can also invest in eco-friendly upholstery cleaning to get the best results without harming the environment.

Save Money

As you all know, upholstery doesn’t come cheap. So if it were stained or dirty, replacing them often isn’t an option. Instead, with regular cleaning of the upholstery, your upholstery will last longer and hence you save money in the long run.

Now after reading all the above are you still asking yourself. How often should I deep clean my couch? Our suggestion is at the minimum, 1 a year.

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When in need of a professional upholstery cleaning company in Miami, Keep It Clean Carpets And Tile is the one to choose? We provide deep-cleaning of upholstery with eco-friendly products and tools.

Odor Removal Service

Even a new furniture can have an odor such as chemical smells. But those bad odors that come from old furniture, couches, upholstery, sofas, and chairs. Like pet urine, body odor, food dropping, drink spills, and mildew can not only be unpleasant to say the least, but can also cause breathing problems along the way. With several other common respiratory symptoms and infections.

Upholstery should be cleaned at least once a year, otherwise the damage to your sofa and to your health could cost you thousands of dollars.


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