Dry Extraction Rug Cleaning

Why Opt for Dry Extraction Rug Cleaning?

Your precious area rugs need cleaning from time to time and what better time to clean them than before Christmas? But with so many area rug cleaning methods, which one to choose, is a hard decision to make. The cleaning method will depend on many factors. For example, the degree of damage, the money you want to spend, and the time allotted for the cleaning purpose. Further, also get expert advice from a professional area rug cleaner.

In this article, we will discuss on when and why we should choose dry extraction rug cleaning.

VLM. Also known as Very Low Moisture or Dry Extraction Rug Cleaning is quite frankly the best way to clean in South Florida. There is a lot of information and opinions available, amongst carpet cleaners all around the Globe. Cleaners Wonder: is it a good fit for carpet cleaning?

Let’s start with a definition of VLM cleaning. It stands for Very Low Moisture and refers to carpet cleaning processes that use little to no water to dry carpets much faster than traditional extraction cleaning. VLM methods are well established as an effective commercial cleaning process, and as equipment and chemistry have advanced, more cleaners have become comfortable with VLM as a residential cleaning option as well.

The term “VLM” refers to a number of different processes. Encapsulation, also known as “encap,” is the most common and widely used process. Encapsulation chemicals perform exactly as their name suggests. When these chemicals are applied to carpet fibers and agitated with a pad or brush, they encapsulate dirt and soil, making them easily removable from the carpet fibers. For the purposes of this article, we won’t go into too much detail about how to clean VLMs and the differences between them, but if you decide you want to learn more about how to clean VLMs,

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One of the main advantages of dry extraction rug cleaning is that there’s no need to over wet the rug. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile, will prespray the solution evenly throughout the rug. After a 10-15 minute dwell time, the deep cleaning process begins. Our orbital machine strong agitation will deep clean the carpets. Causing everything to stick to the bonnet pads. It’s truly a wow experience seeing the carpets being cleaned.

Dry Extraction Rug Cleaning

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When compared to steam carpet cleaning, in dry area rug cleaning, the drying time is really less. Since the area rug gets wet only minimally, it doesn’t take much time to dry. On average, the area rugs take about half an hour to 2 hours maximum to dry off completely. Hence, customers can use them quickly. This is extremely suitable for places with high foot-traffic like commercial spaces.

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Many people opt for greener and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Since conserving nature is important to you, then you should choose dry extraction area rug cleaning services.A good area rug cleaning company utilizes only 3 gallons of water to clean them using the dry cleaning method. Therefore, you get a clean area rug in no time with the minimum use of water.

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Don’t wait for the last minute and get your carpets cleaned. Experts at Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile in Miami can help you with it. Our dry area rug cleaning method can remove all the stains from your rugs. Therefore, we can provide you with beautiful rugs in an hour or less.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Very low moisture cleaning (VLM for short) is an increasingly popular method of carpet cleaning used mostly in commercial environments and humid places. VLM also known as Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is broadly defined in the industry as the fastest method of carpet dry time. Many people wonder which carpet cleaning technique is better for their carpet: hot water extraction carpet cleaning or low moisture carpet cleaning?

Proponents of hot water extraction carpet cleaning, sometimes referred to as steam carpet cleaning, argue that low moisture carpet cleaning techniques do not clean deeply enough. Low moisture carpet cleaning (also known as dry carpet cleaning) proponents would argue that steam cleaning techniques use too much water, which results in unnecessarily saturated carpeting, causing mold and other issues.

One big issue with hot water extraction carpet cleaning is that the carpets are still dirty. If the goal is to remove the dirt from the carpet, how could it be successful when the technique results in completely saturated carpets? Research has shown that steam carpet cleaning techniques result in dirty water residue being left behind in the carpeting. In order for hot water extraction to truly be an effective carpet cleaning method, the carpet would need to be rinsed numerous times to ensure no dirty water is left behind. Some industry experts estimate that as much as 60% of the dirty water is left behind!

Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile offers several carpet cleaning options but to be quite frank. All Carpets are not created equal. Chemistry is finally here. Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder are packed with enzymes. After a thorough deep clean. A true professional carpet cleaner will guide you into do it yourself dry carpet cleaning products to upkeep your fine area rugs and carpet. Not to mention that you can always read what the best carpet cleaning method consumer reports.

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