What To Expect During a Natural Stone Floor Restoration?

Natural Stone Floor Restoration Services Miami

Natural stones give an amazing look to any house. It’s raw and earthy looks gives an edge over other types of flooring. Also, keep in mind that they’re strong and long-lasting floor type.

But, the everyday use of harsh cleaning agents takes a toll on the beauty of the natural stones. So, to bring it back, professional natural stone floor restoration is the perfect choice.

This article provides information on the process of floor restoration for natural stone to help you preserve them.

Process of Natural Stone Floor Restoration

The time interval for natural stone floor restoration depends on two major factors.

♦ First, the natural stone type, as few stones like marble, travertine are acidic-repellent. These kinds of stones need to be restored more frequently.
♦ Second, the maintenance of the stone. Better the maintenance, lesser the need for restoration. Professionals advise to use neutral cleaners for long-lasting results.

The need for restoration depends upon the condition of the stone flooring. If they are signs of heavy wear and tear on them, you need to contact a natural stone restoration company immediately. Once, you hire the professional, here are the steps they will follow for natural stone floor restoration:

  • Professionals will start with pre-inspection of the stone flooring. This step is important to determine the stone type, extent of damage and suitable solution for restoring it.
  • After the inspection, they proceed with deep-cleaning the stone floor using advanced-cleaning instruments and safe cleaning solvents. Expert natural stone cleaners thus remove all dirt and grime, giving them their old beauty back.
  • Once the stone floor dries completely, professionals apply a resealant. The resilient will take 3 days to completely cure so make sure not to disturb the flooring during this time.

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Top Tips To Clean and Maintain Natural Stone Floor

  1. Always use a neutral cleaning agent instead of an acidic one.
  2. Never use vinegar on marble flooring.
  3. Polished surfaces need regular restoration services than honed surfaces. That’s because scratches and stains are far more easily visible on polished surfaces.
  4. Take proper care of the stone grouts.
  5. Always talk to the person in-charge to be in loop with the cleaning process.
  6. Ask professionals for tips and advice on how to maintain natural stone flooring.

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