Maintenance of Your Floors: Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Miami

The terrazzo floor is one of the oldest forms of flooring. Its composition comprises a mixture of marble, granite, glass, or quartz chips with cement. Generic cleaning products contain high alkaline and acidic chemicals, which gradually damage these floors.

The terrazzo floor restoration and maintenance is not just about regular cleaning. To think beyond this, the floors need to be restored to their original form. The terrazzo floors are known for their durability, but without proper care, nothing can survive.

Ways For Terrazzo Floor Restoration

We can see the presence of terrazzo floors in both residential and commercial areas. One of the major causes of deterioration of the floor is excess moisture. Let’s look at some ways to maintain the terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Services Miami

1. Routine Cleaning

  • Dusting and mopping with neutral cleaners diluted in warm water.
  • Products specifically made for this floor should be free of harsh chemicals.
  • Lightly soiled floors can be cleaned by damp mops.
  • Proper drying of the floor is essential.

2. Expert Cleaning

Resealing the terrazzo can restore the appearance of the floor. This involves stripping away the old seal and finish coats.

3. Buffing

Your floor may need only deep cleaning and polish, which will remove the dullness from the floor. Buffing helps the floor to get back its luster.

4. Severe Damage

Over time the floors can get damaged beyond our reach to repair. The professional terrazzo floor restoration service providers follow a procedure.

They remove the damaged floor, hone it, polish, and re-seal to restore the appearance of the floor.

5. Sealing

The National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association has recommended the use of sealers to protect the terrazzo floors. This prevents moisture or spills of any kind to penetrate inside it.

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