Importance of a Clean Home

Clean Home Rules

Getting your home clean is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only does it make your home feel and smell great, it can also improve your mental and physical health. Here are some tips to help you get your home clean:

  • Make your bed every morning. This sets the tone for the rest of the day and makes your room look and feel neater.
  • Make a schedule. Set a cleaning schedule and stick to it. This will help you get organized and make sure you get everything done.
  • Start with the big items. Start by cleaning the biggest and most important items in your home. This includes your floor, wall, and furniture. Keep It Clean Carpets and Tile recommends your floors weekly, walls, monthly, and carpets, area rugs and furniture vacuuming every 15 days.
  • Use a high suction vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner is a great way to get your home clean. Just be sure to use the correct attachments to tackle the job.
  • Clean with a microfiber. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth is a great way to save time and energy. Just be sure to use the correct cleaning products for each task and avoid using soap.
  • Do a quick pick-up around the house every evening. This means putting away any clutter that has accumulated during the day and doing a quick sweep of the floors.
  • Set aside some time each week to deep clean. This could be doing a more thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming all the carpets, or mopping the floors. (Extremely Important and needs to be said 2x).
  • Develop a system for dealing with mail and paperwork. This will help to keep counters and tables clear of clutter.
  • Put things back in their rightful place. This will help you to know where everything is and make it easier to keep things tidy.
  • Don’t let the laundry pile up. Do a load or two each day!
  • Use a Microfiber Spray mop, like the picture below. Click on link 
  • READ THIS AGAIN. and you will be on your way to a clean home.

Clean Home Hacks

Olive oil has numerous nutritional advantages (and can possibly increase longevity). It turns out that it can also help you clean home Miami. “Olive oil is an excellent choice for cleaning stainless steel items such as pots, pans, and appliances. “Apply olive oil to a soft cloth and buff out any dirty spots,” says Mat Franken, CEO and Founder of Aunt Fannie’s, a manufacturer of whole ingredient, food-based cleaning and pest solutions for the home (cleaning hacks).

Detox your garbage disposal with lemons or limes. Because the garbage disposal does a lot of dirty work on a daily basis, it’s critical to keep it clean and clog-free. “Use a fresh lemon or lime to clean and deodorize garbage disposals,”Keep It Clean suggest; “Cut the citrus fruit into quarters, and while the water is running, drop the lemon pieces into the disposal one at a time.”

This cleaning hack can be done with rubbing alcohol, clear vodka (which has many cleaning benefits! ), and even white wine. “To begin, blot the stain. Second, pour any type of clear alcohol (rubbing alcohol, vodka, white wine) onto the stain,” this is superior to any over-the-counter product.”

Importance of a Clean Home

How to clean House Fast

There is no better way to determine how much cleaning your home requires than to walk around it with a critical eye. When you start walking around, you should also grab a plastic bag: this way, if there is any trash or other junk that you need to throw out, you can grab it, put it in the bag, and get rid of a lot of stuff while scouting the rest of your home. Taking the time to gather this information now means that it will not consume more of your valuable time later.

You should also do any necessary cleaning before beginning the main clean. You’ll want to clean your kitchen, and the work surfaces should be easily accessible: you don’t want to be shifting plates halfway through. Follow clean home ideas below.

Importance of a Clean Home

Have Your Cleaning Products Ready to Go

Today, your cleaning supplies are your tools of the trade. Gather them all and carry them with you as you move from room to room: the less you have to return to your cupboards to grab more items, the better.

Your arsenal should include the following for clean home:

  • Dust cloths for polishing
  • A garbage bag
  • Basket for laundry
  • Carpet shampooer (if necessary)

You should also bring your vacuum cleaner with you so that you can vacuum the carpets after you’ve cleaned the rest of the room. Feel free to add to the above list as needed for your specific home. Add some wax or polish to your hardwood floors, for example.

Importance of a Clean Home

Begin at the top of the Room

It’s easy to see dirty carpets and want to vacuum them right away. Resist the urge to start at the highest point in the room. This could be the top of a cabinet, shelves, or room corners. If you do this first, any dust that falls off the shelves, for example, can be vacuumed up later. Starting from the bottom increases the possibility of ending up with a dustier, dirtier floor than you started with. That defeats the purpose of cleaning, so don’t do it!

Learning how to clean home quickly can greatly simplify your life. It reduces the amount of work you have to do by making the annual spring clean aka home deep clean take hours rather than days. However, not everyone has those hours available. If your house needs cleaning but you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a cleaning service. We are a team of expert cleaners who can clean your home quickly. Please contact us if you would like more information about our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, marble polishing, rates and services.

Clean Home for Your Health

Cleaning and sanitizing your home on a regular basis is essential because living in a filthy environment can lead to allergies, skin infections, and severe respiratory problems. According to studies, homes that are routinely cleaned have better indoor air quality, as well as residents who are physically fitter and less stressed.

Importance of a Clean Home

Clean Home Miami

Cleaning the house hits two targets at the same time. You clean your house, but it also serves as a good workout! My smartwatch frequently classifies housework as exercise. It does not replace traditional exercise, but it does benefit your health (1). It has the potential to significantly increase your step count! So the first advantage of having a clean home is that it forces you to get moving.

Deep Clean Miami

According to the National Sleep Foundation, people sleep better when their room is neat and clean (2). Even though it only takes a few minutes, the simple act of putting your clothes away and making your bed can have long-lasting and incredible effects. If you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, we recommend starting with a clean bedroom.

Clean Home = Healthier Living

Of course, one significant advantage is that your home will be cleaner. Surface disinfection and sanitization will rid your home of germs, bacteria, and viruses. As a result, your family will be exposed to fewer germs and illnesses as they go about their daily activities. So, if your family is frequently sick, try adjusting your cleaning schedule. Clean more frequently. Everyone can participate in some teamwork!

You will be more Productive

If you’ve ever tidied your desk, you’ll be familiar with the immediate benefits it has on your workflow. You become more productive almost immediately, and you spend less time looking for important documents, files, and other items.

The same can be said for your house. According to research, our physical environment has a direct impact on our emotions, behavior, and productivity (3). An untidy or dirty home can cause stress and anxiety, which can impair concentration. We don’t know about you, but we’re much more productive when our house is clean — partly because we’re not thinking about (okay, dreading) all the upcoming housework.

Mold in Home

Cleaning the house on a regular basis reduces the presence of mold from a hygienic and health standpoint. Mold is dangerous to have in your home. It can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even toxic substances that cause more severe symptoms (4). Mold in the home can be reduced by cleaning regularly, sanitizing your home, and limiting dampness. Friends, family, and other houseguests will enjoy a healthier environment in your home.

Importance of a Clean Home

Happy Home

Cleaning your home has a lesser-known benefit of increasing happiness (5)! Many studies have been conducted on this subject, but one discovered that the simple act of dishwashing can reduce nervousness by 27% and increase inspiration by 25%. Maintain this mindfulness throughout your housework routine, and you’ll find yourself feeling happier as you go. But you’ll also feel better after walking through a spotless house!

Keeps Pest Away

A clean home isn’t a particularly appealing environment for bugs and pests. However, if you have leftover food, dirty dishes, or lingering trash in your home, insect visitors are likely. Keep your home clean if you want to keep pests away. Vacuum frequently. Remove any rotting plants and other debris.

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